I Am Not a Victim of My Disability

All too often, I see people with disabilities act like they’re a victim of their disability. The disability controls their self-esteem, body image, their mood, and outlook on life. It’s easy to fall prey to the lies society has practiced for quite some time – disability is gross, sad, not a life. I refuse to believe any of that nonsense. I am not a victim of my disability, never have been a victim, never will be a victim.

Struggle is Human

I am not saying I don’t struggle on some days wishing that I could stand up and walk around. It would be far easier, but only because the world isn’t built for people with disabilities. It’s far from it. If it’s not accessible to me, it’s not worth it. I am not a victim.

Body Image is Human

Body image issues are a human downfall. It’s not just a disabled person problem, it’s a human problem. We are humans after all. No matter how low on the totem pole we may feel at times. We’re all humans with similar human desires, wishes, needs on the same planet, feeling the same feelings. I am not a victim.

Adaptation is Human

I refuse to let someone tell me I can’t. I will try my hardest to prove them wrong. I can’t travel across the country? Done. I can’t take care of myself. Yes, I can. I may face different problems in my life, but in SECOND GRADE I learned that life is about adaptation. It was actually a lesson in class. It probably didn’t mean anything to me in 2nd grade, but I get it now. I really get it, and I embrace it. I am not a victim.

Disability is Human

I embrace people asking questions and children staring. I embrace that one kid when I was in 8th grade in Family Video that asked their mother “did she break her legs”. I’m sorry your mother rushed you away and I couldn’t say hi. I actually laughed and found the curiosity a relief. People need glasses. You need glasses because your vision deteriorates over time. Technically, you’re using an assistive device. You’re using glasses because they help you see. I use a chair because I can’t walk. That’s it. I can go on with life, right? I am not a victim.

I Am Human

I am not a victim of my disability. I have Spina Bifida. I am not Spina Bifida. I am not an inspiration because I’m alive. I can inspire you in other ways. I write. I can spin everything into a positive experience, I can show you how to interact with people. However, I cannot be the victim.

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  1. SLK

    June 8, 2018 at 3:34 pm

    I really love this post. I don’t want to be an inspiration, either; I just want to live my life. Your writing makes me think in good ways about disability. Thank you for writing this and post more in the future! You are a good writer and thinker!

    1. raeofsunnshyne

      June 8, 2018 at 3:36 pm

      Thank you this means a lot to me!

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