How Much Are You Worth? The Answer is EVERYTHING

How much are you worth? Self worth is something many of us as human beings struggle with at least once in our lives. We believe the lie that we’re worthless if we fail or if life doesn’t go the way we plan it to go. We believe that if we don’t fit the socially accepted definition of “beautiful” that we’re ugly. This is especially true for women (although I know it is true for men too). Even though we tell each other that we’re worth everything, we hardly ever practice what we preach. Yes, even I am guilty of it too.

Media Influences our Judgement

Our world is completely influenced by media. How we act, what we buy and even what we believe can be swayed by social media, news media, magazines, and Hollywood. It can skew our reality. It tears down our self-esteem, and makes us feel far less worthy than we actually are. The truth is, we’re worth MORE than anyone can ever imagine. We were made with such high purpose. Not a single one of us humans, animals, plants, anything that lives, is exactly alike. We should treat ourselves like the priceless beings we are, with respect and high self esteem, but we feel the need to tear each other down.

Self Worth and Disability

I was born with a disability, and for a long time, my teenage years, I thought of myself as a lesser person… even though time and time again I was told I’m a better person than most. The view of an able-bodied person is that because I cannot stand or feel my legs, I am of worse health, or have a lower quality of life. In fact, that mindset is what CREATES a lower quality of life for a disabled person. It makes a person with a disability question their self worth, and as much as people preach equality and self worth, a disabled person falls through the cracks far too often. Often times, we ARE seen as less. But we are not. We’re just another demographic.

Quick to Judge Another’s Worth

Going back to my Disaster Date Story I posted (read it here), self worth can be torn down real quickly and unintentionally. Your judgement of someone can be SO QUICK that it often can’t be taken back. Just because someone is different or new does not mean they’re less of a person than you are. In the case with that date, it was felt within five seconds… and it didn’t get any better. I am worth WAY more than that guy gave me credit, and his judgement and apprehension made him look like an absolute fool. Again, I’ve sympathized with his point of view and I STILL cannot believe that happen and that I almost priced myself as less worthy than a narrow minded fool.

Smoke and Mirrors

It doesn’t even have to be related to disability. A woman can feel inferior compared to a celebrity or musical icon they see on television or hear on the radio. Reality is, that is not reality. It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s fake. Hollywood is cinematic glitz and glamour. That life is really not what it seems, nor does it make you happy. What will make you happy is your self-confidence. Once you feel worthy, you will radiate your worth on others. You will create a positive atmosphere. It’s definitely “worth” it.

Don’t worry about feeling worthy ALL the time. We all have our moments of weakness. You’ll never be perfect, and I’ve learned to just be happy with what I choose, not what others choose for me. That doesn’t mean I choose not to live to high expectations… it simply means that my self-worth and what I think of myself will help drive others to think higher of me. You’ll never know someone’s entire story. You’ll never know why they act the way they do, but never, NEVER let that determine your self worth.

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  1. Virtuous Mama

    March 15, 2017 at 7:28 am

    LOVE this! Your self worth is important to realize, because it will definitely help you become more confident and give you more self esteem. I enjoy what you wrote about the media’s judgement and how it affects us as people.

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