Beyond the Limit – Story of Alivia

Sometimes, life is funny. Sometimes, life hurts. Sometimes, life feels empty. But the best part of life is when you feel accomplished – like something happened that was MEANT to teach you a lesson. You feel fulfilled. That was Alivia.

A couple of weeks ago, I met a little girl named Alivia. One of my best friends, Hannah (who has cerebral palsy) and I were enjoying the music at a venue on the banks of the Cumberland River. Alivia’s father brought her over to Hannah and I because she wanted to say hi to us. This seven year old girl has the COOLEST hot pink wheelchair I’ve ever seen. We talked the duration of a song and then they disappeared. Five minutes later, in an elevator, we happened to be riding with Alivia’s mother and told her that we really enjoyed meeting Alivia and her father.

We thought that was the last time we’d see Alivia. We went to eat across the street but came back to where we last saw them sitting in a bunch of chairs. Hannah and I continued to talk to Alivia and her father for almost three hours, listening to music, taking selfies. I found out Liv really likes selfies, the color red, going to the beach and Kenny Chesney. At one point, she reached out to dance with us to the music.

I felt so honored to talk to this seven year old like it was seven year old me, telling her how pretty she is, how amazing her parents are and that one day she will really miss her dad kissing her face and cuddling with her every moment he can. She is the brightest seven year old even when she was falling asleep from her long day in Nashville.

I sent my own father a text while my friends and I were at dinner saying that I met this little girl and her father and that he reminded me so much of my own dad.

Now I’m so excited to see Alivia’s mom post updates, and I get excited for her with every new opportunity, every new accomplishment. It’s so rewarding and she is the reason why standing up and standing out is so, so important. She’s important. She’s smart. She wants to be an astronaut. I wanted to be a bus driver at age seven. The sky’s not even the limit for her, it’s beyond the sky. It should be beyond the limit for all of us, not just those who can physically reach higher for them. (That’s a joke, not everyone understands that I have jokes and make fun of myself 90% of my day)

People say everything happens for a reason, you can be at the right place in the right moment and your life can change at any time. This was one of those moments for me. It was so major nothing else matters as I’m writing this blog post.  Nothing else matters because I wanted to tell this story of Alivia and her parents and her grandparents.

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