Patreon and a new Facebook Group! Who AM I?

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to launch a few items I’ve been planning since late last year. My hospital stay put a hold on it because I just didn’t have the energy. BUT  I always have wanted to guide those with ALL forms of disabilities (visible and not) into a positive life full of worth in this world where we may feel inferior. The truth is we’re all human and I want to grow this community into our lives – not the medical life – because we live too, just differently – we’re a different culture. It’s JUST. WHEEL. LIFE.

I’m so excited to bring you a different type of community. This is a group to celebrate your LIFE. Many groups I’m in only focus on the medical issues we share, not our independence and integration into an able-bodied world. No matter if you have a disability, know someone who has a disability, or you just want to learn more about living with a disability. Visit Patreon to support!

Benefits include: 

A thank you note from me, bonus diary entries and other content, a group chat discussing life and independent living, and more as it grows! My goal is to raise $1000 so I can buy equipment for vlogging and or podcasting. Showing how I live, and tips and tricks to make everyone comfortable with their disability.  Click here to go to Patreon! 

I also JUST launched a new Facebook Group! Join and say hi!

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